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Shoulder Stretch

- Thursday, October 21, 2021

Dr Watins shows shoulder exercises you can do while at work.

Hi. My name is Dr. Michael Watins, I’m a Chiropractor, I’m here on 58th Street and I’m going to show you a shoulder exercise that you can do while you’re at your desk.

Basically, this is a great way to break up your day so you’re not seeing and creating repetitive stress while at a computer all day. What you do is to take your arms, outstretch them, and then you turn your arms down and upward, and you can do this even when you’re at a desk, when you’re seated. There’s no need to actually take a break and walk away from a desk, that obviously can reduce your productivity. Better to sit in one position, put your arms out, turn them down, turn them up, do that a few times in a row and that’ll help loosen your neck and loosen your shoulders. 

Thank you for watching the video, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. As I said before, we’re always here for you at any time.

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