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Core-Engaging Pelvic Tilt Exercise | Effective Core Workout

- Wednesday, April 10, 2024

What we're doing now is building on the pelvic tilt. What you're going to do is engage your core by compressing it down and pressing your back against the table. So, your core is already activated before you even start this exercise. Then, you're going to bring one knee up, holding it like this while keeping your core engaged. It's crucial not to release that core engagement and to keep your back flush against the table.

Next, you'll take your left thumb and push your right knee down as hard as you can, all while maintaining core engagement and keeping your back against the table. You may already notice some shaking, indicating that your core is working. This exercise helps build core strength, isolating it to ensure you're not relying on your hip flexors.

What's particularly important is that this exercise replicates the motions involved in activities like running and walking. This results in better mechanics, less stress on your spine, and improved function, ultimately enhancing your performance during activities like running.

Hold this position for about 5 to 7 seconds, aiming for 10 repetitions. Once again, it's essential that you never feel any pain or discomfort during this exercise. Everything should feel comfortable, with the sensation focused on your core, not your neck or lower back.


Step 1

Core-Engaging Pelvic Tilt Exercise

Step 2

Core-Engaging Pelvic Tilt Exercise

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Core-Engaging Pelvic Tilt Exercise

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