You will experience relief by applying the information that you have learned in this webinar. However, you will accelerate your recovery and further improve your chances of fully resolving your aches and pains if you are properly diagnosed and know exactly what you need to do to resolve your specific condition.

For this reason, Dr. Watins is offering thorough 1- hour examination at no cost to you. His clinic accepts most inpatient and outpatient insurances. If you work for a company for which we deliver this webinar, then they accept your insurance. With over 30 years of experience, his clinic can more accurately diagnose your condition and present you with a treatment plan that includes the exact exercises and stretches that you can do at home and at the office to fully resolve your aches and pains.


Special Bonuses as a Courtesy to Your Company

Request your free 1-hour complete examination at no cost to you and receive these 2 bonuses. These free bonuses are available only for a limited time when you book an appointment through this page. They are only available to employees of companies where we delivered our webinar. They will be available to you when you come for your free 1-hour examination.