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If you spend time using your cell phone, iPad, or laptop, then you need to read this.

Chiropractors are predicting that we are going to see unprecedented rates of neck and back issues in people under 30 in the coming years.

The average human head weighs 10-15 lbs and that sits on top of your spine. The cervical spine is supposed to be a C shape with a nice curve to cushion the vertebrae and discs from the impact of life.

Every inch you bend your head forward will increase the weight your neck feels by 2x so if you bend your neck 1inch forward you neck feels between 20-30lbs. The ligaments that hold the bones together are only meant to withstand kjop steroider so much weight and tension. When the body is exposed to this increased weight and stress for long periods of time it starts to cause degeneration.

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Degeneration can cause changes in the bone shape/health as well as the discs between the bones.

This means that when you are spending countless hours bent over an iPad or a cell phone you are putting an extreme amount of tension and pressure on your neck. We have never seen humans put this amount of unrelenting stress and tension on their necks before. We know that this will lead to an increase in degeneration and an increased rate of disc issues.

If you are concerned about the effects of ‘text neck’ then please contact us today. We would love to sit down and find out how we can help you.